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Two Fishermen Grill Best Seafood Restaurant Santa Ana


Two Fishermen Grill Seafood Restaurant on the border of Santa Ana and Tustin serves the freshest seafood grilled to absolute perfection. If you love seafood, Two Fishermen Grill is highly recommended and preferred by locals for business lunches or casual dinners.


Finding a healthy meal at a reasonable cost nowadays is not easy and for you to enjoy such meals they need to be prepared to perfection. Two Fishermen Grill Seafood Restaurant is the best fish and seafood restaurant in Santa Ana, for anyone who wishes to sample the freshest sea foods that have been prepared just for you.


In addition to serving fish and sea food, this facility that is located on the border of Santa Ana and Tustin has vegetarian options, chicken, salads, steak, gyro and many more foods that have been done right as well as a variety of styles that you can choose from including skewered, power bowl, salad and much more.


It is the best place to have your fish and seafood dinner in Santa Ana which offers free meals to kids starting from 5p.m. through to 9p.m. So, if you are considering a casual dinner or business lunch, then this will be your best option since it focuses on healthy eating with meals served just the way you like them.

Taco Tuesday is a favorite for those who love Tacos and you will also find this at Two Fishermen Grill Seafood Restaurant which is also the place to get fish specials, Santa Ana. The fish specials form part of daily specials that you will find hard to resist with unique sauces being used to season various sides. The reason why this restaurant stands out amongst many in Orange County is reasonable prices on their large portions in addition to other attributes discussed herein.


Two Fishermen Grill is much more than seafood. The menu offers many options for people who love chicken, steak, gyro, salads, vegetarian options and more. Whether it’s their sushi chef or grill master, you’ll get the freshest food and seafood done right. The best fish and seafood restaurant in Santa Ana has one more benefit to offer to its customers – healthy eating.

Ordering is easy as 1 – 2 – 3. Choose your, chicken, steak and more, choose the style: power bowl, salads, skewered and others and choose from a wide variety of sides seasoned with your choice of unique sauces. Check out our menu.

Just being the best fish and seafood restaurant in Santa Ana is not enough. Two Fishermen Grill delivers LARGE PORTIONS AT REASONABLE PRICES, as well as daily specials that are irresistible. There are special offers for the young customers – kids enjoy their meals for FREE when visiting the restaurant from 5 to 9 pm.  And if Tacos are your thing, then check out Taco Tuesday.

Located on the border of Santa Ana and Tustin, Two Fishermen Grill is by far the best moderately priced seafood restaurant in all of Orange County.



11 thoughts on “Two Fishermen Grill Best Seafood Restaurant Santa Ana”

  1. Love the Homemade Crab Crab Cakes Here! They have a ton of REAL crab with no fillers or fake stuff! Also the best poke in santa ana. They have been serving poke since 2011! Excellent SALMON brought in every few days fresh!

  2. Best Poke restaurant in orange county! Nice large chunks of poke with great flavors and great portions! Delicious REAL crab cakes with nice chunks of real crab! Delicious Mahi Mahi with great flavor and the best salmon brought in fresh every few days.

  3. Seafood quality is amazing for the price. Excellent Poke in Orange County. Excellent grilled fish! Amazing Crab Cakes with REAL crab! Outstanding poke dishes and bowls! Best poke in orange county!

  4. They have the Best Salmon I have had in a long time including when compared to full service high end restaurants! They use Super Lump crab in their hand crafted lump crab cakes and they offer the most delicious popcorn lobster sushi roll with sweet langostino lobster! Best seafood in Orange County!

  5. Serving Poke since 2011! The freshest poke bowls and grill fish. High Quality seafood in Orange County at a reasonable price! Hand crafted lump crab cakes with 100% REAL CRAB are the best in Orange County! Grilled Salmon melts in your mouth!

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